Next Winter





Next Winter


Author:  Helen Reece Carter

Publication Date: May 2021

Page Number: 327



In June, Will Donalson was looking forward to the winter. The town of Saint Lorenz is an ideal place for a quiet getaway. But a killer arrives in town. The first victim disappears without trace. Reluctantly Donalson agrees to lend a hand to local law enforcement. With more tourist set to visit the widely appreciated snowy mountains, it looks like Saint Lorenz will only become more dangerous. Whatever links the growing list of victims together is unknown, and the killer has a habit of covering his tracks behind him well.


Can Detective Will Donalson solve the mysterious case? He will have to again delve into elements of his personality that he had gratefully left behind. The dangerous killer is on the loose and circling more victims. As the case takes shape and more is revealed, it will become a race against time to catch the killer.