5 Writing Lessons from Bestselling Authors

J.K Rowling, Barbara Cartland, Jane Auston, or Stephen King – almost everyone had heard of their names. And for writers, they are an inspiration.


When it comes to writing a book, every author wants to have their book on the list of bestselling. But the thing is that writing a book is not that easy it has to capture the attention of its readers and leave the finest impact.


And for this, the author required fresh ideas, the finest plots, advanced storyline, accurately crafted characters, and many more things.


How to make that happen? Here are the 5 writing lessons that you must learn from best-selling authors.


Lessons To Learn From Best-Selling Authors


1.      The Power Of Revision

According to the best-selling authors and top ghostwriting company, revision is where the magic happens in writing. It is a process of refining your work, polishing your prose, and making sure that every word serves a purpose. Best-selling authors understand the importance of revision and often spend as much time in if not more, editing their work as they do write.


They know that the first draft is just the beginning and that true mastery comes through the process of rewriting and refining.


PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to revise your work. Take the opportunity to improve your writing with each draft, knowing that the effort you put into revision will ultimately lead to a stronger, more compelling piece.

2.      Read Widely

Reading is considered the lifeblood of writing and best-selling authors are true readers who read a wide range of literature, from classic novels to contemporary bestsellers. They expose themselves to different styles, genres, and voices, expand their literary horizons, and deepen their understanding of the craft. And this is the one of the basic writer techniques.


PRO TIP:  You must make reading your priority in your writing journey. Also, get into diverse works of literature to collect insights expand your vocabulary, and spark your creativity.

3.      Find Your Voice

Voice is what sets your writing apart and gives your craft personality and authenticity. Best-selling authors know the importance of finding their unique voice and staying true to it throughout their work.  Whether it is a distinctive narrative style, a particular tone, or a strong point of view – it is important to cultivate your voice to connect with readers and leave a lasting impression.


PRO TIP: You can experiment with different writing styles and techniques to discover your voice. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your writing as authenticity is key to engaging your audience.

4.      The Art Of Storytelling

Writing is storytelling and the best-selling authors are the masters of the craft who know how to captivate the readers with compelling stories, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes. They understand the elements of string storytelling – such as plot, pacing, and structure – and use them to create mind-blowing worlds that draw readers in and keep them hooked until the very end.


PRO TIP: You must study the basics of storytelling and apply them to your own writing. Pay attention to how the best-selling authors build tension, create memorable characters, and create complex lots. How they use their technique to enhance your own storytelling abilities.

5.      Vulnerability In Your Writing

Best-selling authors keep in mind the power of vulnerability in storytelling and use them. They are not afraid to explore the depth of human emotion, tackle difficult topics, or reveal their own vulnerabilities on the page. They create stories that align deeply with the readers and awaken genuine empathy and connection by sharing their souls and sharing their experiences. Here’s the 21 steps to write a book successfully.


PRO TIP: Don’t shy away from vulnerability in your writing. Use the raw., messy, and authentic aspects of human experience, and allow yourself to be vulnerable on the page. You can share your truth and hold vulnerability as it will help you in writing stories that are honest, relatable, and profoundly impactful.

Example Of Best-Selling Authors

Best-selling authors like Stephen King, J.K Rowling, Agatha Christie, J.R.R Tolkien, and Dan Brown have left a mark on literature. They are known for their mastery of various genres – from horror to fantasy and mystery – these authors have captivated readers globally with their compelling storytelling and memorable characters. Their work including “The Shining,” “Harry Potter” series, Hercule Poirot mysteries, “The Lord of the Rings,” and Robert Langdon thrillers, continue to inspire and entertain audiences globally.


So, now you can also increase your chance of hitting the best-selling list with these 5 lessons by best-selling authors. Don’t stop and believe in yourself. You might face some days where you can’t understand how and what to do, but don’t let discouragement be in your way.