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Through The Hazel Tree


By Anna Kirkup


Elara Anderson has just moved to Scotland for a fresh start with her family. She is settling into college, making new friends. But on her 17th birthday, she must leave behind everyone she knows and loves after discovering that she is a witch, placed in the human world as a baby to be a societal experiment. Elara’s magic is dangerous and unpredictable, and with the risk of being exiled to Helabasus by her corrupted leader Forneus. Elara faces many obstacles in the witchy wonderland of Felicia.

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The Love He’s Always Wanted


By Carmalisa Ford


Bianca McLain lived in a world of pain, sorrow, and betrayal. Through a life of secrets and bloodshed, she discovers that she has a long lost family, one that she had never known. Bianca desperately wants to carve out a new life of her own and move on to bigger and better things. Meeting her long lost family at a secluded estate in Italy may be just that opportunity? She is about to unexpectedly be given some tantalizing clues to her mysterious background, which will take her across the world.

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