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Cloaked Secrecy

Christopher Vasey

In this novel, Jack Clarke is a new OSS recruit in World War II. He is thrust into a high stakes game to uncover a Nazi spy-ring

The Cassidy Chronicles

Adam Gaffen

The year 2113 is a post-modern America, after decades of warfare and the near collapse of civilisation, America is shattered into a dozen nations.

The Rose of Petra

Amanda Thompson

A story of myth and magic in ancient Egypt. In the time of the Pharaohs, Zander leaves Egypt and travels to the City of ancient Petra to train as a mage

The Love He’s Always Wanted 

Carmalisa Ford

Bianca McLain lived in a world of pain, sorrow, and betrayal. Through a life of secrets and bloodshed, she discovers that she has a long lost family

Necromancer’s Gambit

Rich Feitelberg

The fantasy novel is a new epic adventure from author Rich Feitelberg

Carnival Songs

S.V. Brown

A small city in Indiana nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Torrenceburg is a place holding onto…


 Stephen Oliver

A new dimension jumping science fiction thriller about a group who travel between universes. 

The Great American Coward

Jay Bechtol

The Great American Coward is a reality bending science fiction mystery from author Jay Bechtol. 

The Unspeakable Heart of the Mangroves

Brad Center

In this novel, a malevolent entity inhabits the New Orleans bayou.

Chilling Tales: Anthology of Gothic Horror Stories

Amanda Thompson

This anthology introduces gothic and dark tales.

Orphans of the Kruger Park

Annatjie Moll

A heart warming and evocative account of the wildlife in South Africa, the trials and tribulations that are experienc

Next Winter

Helen Reece Carter

This highly-anticipated Will Donalson mystery, is a page turner that will leave many scratching their heads


The Truth and the Sword


By Allen Radinski


Sergeant Maguire is a police detective working on the case of his life, but he is under investigation for corruption himself. His Lieutenant and most of the force hate him.  After a body is discovered, Maguire and his partner Amy Gutierrez uncover clues that lead to drug trafficking and organised crime. Maguire and Gutierrez both know they are stuck with a case that nobody else wanted.

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How to write dialogue

By Mark Blasdale

Writing coach Mark Blasdale offers his advice and expertise on crafting exciting and page turning dialogue. This guide is especially useful for any aspiring writers

Five Tips for Fiction Writing

By Scott Belose

Fiction writing is very specialist. Scott Belose discusses his tips for creating high quality fiction. Writers looking for strategies will find the breakdown helpful

Techniques to Help the Writing Process

By Debra Margoles

This article invites writers through straight forward steps to improve their approach and create original and exciting work


Strategies to Complete Your Novel

By Klara Wong

Literary agent Klara Wong has guidance on how writers can employ strategies for ensuring that projects stay on track and goals are completed



Thunder Rain

Briana Caldone

A brand new suspense crime thriller from Briana Caldone


Brian Delaney

A mind-bending science fiction thriller from Brian Delaney

The Truth and the Sword

Allen Radinski

Sergeant Maguire is a police detective working on the case of his life,

Becoming the Future

Daniel Adeyo

An intriguing and thought provoking novel from author Daniel Adeyo


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