Submissions to Golden Storyline Books

General Guidelines


Golden Storyline Books is an independent traditional publisher with an ethos that matches our origins. The editorial and publication team are drawn towards titles that are engaging, that they find are inspiring and enlightening, and bring the words to life for contemporary audiences. We are currently accepting submissions of manuscripts and proposals of both fiction and non-fiction.


Golden Storyline Books are proud to collaborate with established authors and new and emerging writers. Submissions can be made by agents, publishers or authors directly. We regard ourselves as being a vehicle for creative voices to reach a wide audience.



What we are looking for


In general we prefer to specialise in publishing the genres that we are familiar with.  The publication and editorial team are always open to receiving submissions for proposed books in the following genres: Mystery/Thriller, Crime Fiction, Sci-fi/ Fantasy, Young Adult, Woman’s Fiction, Historical Fiction and Suspense/ Psychological.


Golden Storyline Books publishes trade, industry, academic and non-fiction. The genre and style of the preferences in this category is diverse and displays the present interests of our publishers and editors. We are pleased to receive proposals in the genres: Humanities and Social Sciences, Lifestyle/ Culture, Current Events, Memoir and the Arts.


Submission Process


We welcome submissions from all of the above. They can be submitted by email (preferably Word or PDF.) Please include a one-page synopsis giving a brief description of the project, and why you think Golden Storyline Books should publish it, your previous writing experience, contact information and two or three sample chapters. Send all submissions to:


We intend to respond to all inquiries within 6 weeks. If we are interested in seeing more than the sample chapters, we will contact you and request the full manuscript. Please be patient with us, we will attempt to assess and reply as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, due to the volume of queries, we may not be able to respond with feedback to everyone.



Resources for Writers


Authors Guild
National Centre for Writing
National Writers Association
Writers and Artists
Women’s National Book Association
Mystery Writers of America
Writers Online
Poetry Society of America
Writers Write
The Writer’s Center