Cloaked Secrecy

Christopher Vasey

In this novel, Jack Clarke is a new OSS recruit. He is thrust into…

The Cassidy Chronicles

Adam Gaffen

The year 2113 is a post-modern America, after decades of warfare

The Rose of Petra

Amanda Thompson

A story of myth and magic in ancient Egypt. In the time of the Pharaohs…

The Love He’s Always Wanted 

Carmalisa Ford

Bianca McLain lived in a world of pain and betrayal


Necromancer’s Gambit

Rich Feitelberg

The fantasy novel is a new epic adventure from Rich Feitelberg

Carnival Songs

S.V. Brown

A small city in Indiana nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Torrenceburg is a place holding onto…


 Stephen Oliver

A new dimension jumping science fiction thriller about a group who travel between universes. 

The Great American Coward

Jay Bechtol

The Great American Coward is a reality bending science

The Unspeakable Heart of the Mangroves

Brad Center

In this novel, a malevolent entity inhabits the New Orleans bayou.

Chilling Tales: Anthology of Gothic Horror Stories

Amanda Thompson

This anthology introduces gothic and dark tales.

Orphans of the Kruger Park

Annatjie Moll

A heart warming and evocative account of the wildlife in South Africa, the trials and tribulations that are experienced

The Shards

Amanda Thompson

A new novel from author Amanda Thompson, where Anthony enters a whole new world that is different from anything that he had imagined.

Lethal Revenge

Glenis Kellet

A gripping intriguing murder mystery – from Glenis Kellet

A Hunters Legacy

Lane Hailey

Karr discovers he is in a world full of monsters

The Art of Being Haunted

Kimberly Wolkens

In this novel from Kimberly Wolkens, will Cassie uncover the ghost’s secret before she…

Dead Sea

Amanda Thompson

This is an exciting paranormal thriller from author Amanda Thompson

The Fading

Alex Woolf

An intriguing and captivating science fiction mystery – from Alex Woolf

The Memory Scribe

G.R. Sterling

An alluring magical fantasy novel from author G.R. Sterling

Sacrifice It All

Billy Lyons

Sacrifice It All is a thrilling new novel about desire, murder and betrayal from author Billy Lyons. 

Thieves’ Gambit

Rich Feitelberg

The land of Thalacia is threatened in this fantasy novel

Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable

Glenis Kellet

A new thrilling fast paced novel

A Dark Heritage

Hansen Adcock

A Dark Heritage is a dark fantasy that is set in a magical land


Secrets of Urthis

K D Lumsden

A fantasy novel about the planet of Urthis


Inkwalker: City of the Moon

Elle Pepper

The Inkwalker faces a trial in this fantasy novel


A Hunter’s Return

Lane Hailey

Karr the Hunter is back in this supernatural tale

The Sword and the Truth

Allen Radinski

Sergeant Maguire is a police detective working on the case of his life,

The Guardian

Brian Smith

The Guardian is a paranormal superhero novel from author Brian Smith.