About Golden Storyline Books

What We Publish


Golden Storyline Books is an independent and traditional publisher of print and digital books. We are passionate about world class fiction and non-fiction in all genres that is original and exciting enough to appeal to the fascination of our readers. We are home to accomplished authors and pride ourselves on working collaboratively to the highest professional standards with both established and debut writers. Golden Storyline Books has gained a reputation for inspiring authors to create fantastic books.


Under our banner Golden Storyline Books is able to deliver a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction genres. The key for us is crafting unique and compelling reading experiences for audiences, and our editors and staff are positive about thought-provoking and imaginative storytelling. We specialise in publishing excellent commercial and literary fiction. Golden Storyline Books also publishes a select range of non-fiction and academic books.


Our Company Ethos


Golden Storyline Book’s dedicated team of editors, designers and marketers have a real passion for working with authors to bring enthralling stories to our readers. Working with partners of all sizes across the globe, our nucleus is centred on producing high quality print and eBooks and distributing them worldwide.


We have built a global sales and distribution platform that reaches the public in multiple formats across the globe. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our publications and are dedicated to working closely through our professional relationships with authors to assist them at every stage of the publishing process.