A Dance of Wind and Shadows




A Dance of Wind and Shadows



Author: Joshua Abraham

Release Date: November 2023



A Dance of Wind and Shadows is an adult fantasy about redemption and discovering the true self.


Sariel Asheram is the commanding Fae general of the armies of The Haven, the ruling authority of the country of Keralis. The Haven is led by the brutal King Seraph and High Priest Belil. Sariel and his friend Aquiel and their dragons are tasked with ending rebellion in the northern neighbours of Nua. They encounter powerful magic and Sariel’s shadow and lightening magic and Aquiel’s ice magic are tested to their limits. This pushes Sariel to draw from a power that The Haven, have deemed unholy, black magic.


Sariel and Aquiel embark on a journey where they learns the truth about the magic and The Haven. They discover the true source of magic’s power among the Fae and that The Haven are hiding some dark secrets. Sariel and Aquiel make the choice to fight back against the tyranny they once led. Sariel joins his found family to fight back against the Demons that threaten to end life across all worlds.