A Dark Heritage: The Nighthunter




A Dark Heritage: The Nighthunter



Author: Hansen Adcock

Release Date: July 2022



A Dark Heritage is a dark fantasy novel set in a magical world where prehistoric animals coexist with humans and the Dead return as different species of Ghost.


Logan Bartholom, Nighthunter to the Emperor, wakes with Ghost-induced amnesia in a manor in Little Beddin, Ossyan. All he has from his previous life is a magical sword and a talking dog from Hell. To find his true identity and discover what happened to him, he must go on a dangerous journey to a land where magecraft is still legal, in the company of a child with terrifying powers and his own would-be murderer… who is falling in love with him.


On the way to Thosea they discover a cult which sacrifices people’s souls to a Ghost masquerading as a god. Logan finds out he can travel through time and to different worlds. And they encounter many individuals and beings who are attracted by Cailte’s budding magical powers.