A Hunters Legacy





A Hunters Legacy



Author: Lane Hailey

Release Date: February 2022



What if everything we know about monsters, were written by them?


Karter ‘Karr’ Logan discovers who he truly is in a world full of monsters hidden from ordinary people. Orphaned as a baby, he was adopted and raised by the Logan family, never knowing his heritage. On a night out with his friends however, that all changed drastically. They are attacked by something out of the horror films they love and their lives will be forever changed as their normal lives become one of those movies.


Karr and his friends navigate life after learning that vampires, werewolves and the things of nightmares are real. Hiding from a government agency that knows about monsters, encounters with the monsters themselves. This becomes their new normal as they fight to stay alive while Karr discovers more about his past and the truth about where he came from.