A Hunter’s Return




A Hunter’s Return



Author: Lane Hailey

Release Date: July 2022



A Hunter’s Return is a new contemporary, dark fantasy from author Lane Hailey.


Karr Logan is a Hunter, charged with destiny to protect the world from the creatures of the night. He is a hybrid of werewolf and vampire, but still a man struggling with his identity. His journey begins by escaping from a Department of Supernatural Occurrences (DOSO) prison. His band of friends are searching for him and a fabled city. Together, they make their way to a rumored place that exists only for monsters and creatures. A place where they can live a normal life. A Sanctuary.


The wolf that started him on this journey. Callen, is the leader of the wolf clan. He is the oldest and strongest of his kind and he has an agenda of his own. Karr needs to find a balance between the beast inside him, and the Hunter that he wants to be.