A Quiet Life at Home

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A Quiet Life at Home


Author: Fiona Appleby

Publication Date: May 2021

Page Number: 321



Saria Jamison is a big city lawyer, who has spent years building her reputation and private law practice. She has always been a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. But life is not all plain sailing and a series of facades surround her life, which are in danger of falling apart. Her husband is an alcoholic and in the middle of one of his routine self-destructive streaks. Her marriage looks to be on the verge of unceremoniously ending.


Saria’s latest client is threatening to further complicate her life and throw everything she believes into doubt. The new client has a surprising cloak and dagger secret, and now she is the only other person who knows. This is something she has wished many times to forget. But, now old adversaries are appearing out of the woodwork. Conversations behind closed doors are starting to leak out and more people arrive to torment her. Sariah knows that she is danger of being submerged in this sea of shadowy intrigue and must find her way out.


In this quirky and mysterious saga of everyday life and the peculiar, Fiona Appleby explores the complexity that shrouds the human condition and the drives that unite everyone.