Azalea and I – On the Road to Spain




Azalea and I – On the Road to Spain


Author: RM Howe

Release Date: December 2023



.’Azalea and I – On the Road to Spain’ is a mystery thriller where two intrepid heroines, Barbara and Azalea, investigate with gusto and much humour. The intrigue takes them to Spain and some glamorous sunny backgrounds.


Charles Madden owns a coach tour company and has added the Spanish resort of La Roca, to his developing business. Because of her previous experience investigating strange happenings Uncle Charles asks Barbara to investigate the disappearance of the under manager at the resort. Azalea, Babs’s best friend who was invaluable in the past adventures joins her.


At the resort the girls uncover serious crime. Some beautiful, almost fantastical, mineral mines prove to be the centre of a child-smuggling ring. The two heroines are drawn further into solving this unique mystery. They are aided by two local residents – Hans with his sparkling blue eyes, and Alvaro. This is an exciting and gung-ho adventure. A great read for a sunny day.