Beneath the Hazel Crown




Beneath the Hazel Crown



Author: Anna Kirkup

Release Date: November 2023



‘She wouldn’t let her friends turn into murderers. Wouldn’t let them do what she had done.’


The comfort of returning to her human home is only temporary for 17 year old Elara Anderson. With barely enough time to come to terms with her new reality, a summons from Forneus has her catapulted back into the witchy world of Felicia. A grand tour to display the new ‘darling’ of the Council means gowns and jewellery galore… and a kidnapping.


Twisted corruption under Forneus’ reign is coming to light, and Elara and her friends are caught in the eye of the storm. Xander has been plucked from the human world and Elara is forced to face the truth of their relationship whilst tensions grow with her mysterious Fender, Archer.


The two halves of her life are being forced ever closer, and book smart Ivy is determined to find the truth about Elara’s family history. But will it do more harm than good?