Author: Melissa Meaglia

Release Date: March 2024



In a world without sunlight, darkness means death.


There are four main things humans need to survive: water, food, air – and sunlight.


Somewhere along humanity’s existence, humans have lost the ability to absorb sunlight on their own and must rely on the use of solar discs. There are a full 17 hours of sun a day, astronomists are celebrated as celebrities – if not gods – and no one dares go out after dark, or you may be dead before dawn’s first rays.


After a high-stakes career, Roth’s job in the Sun Regulatory Affairs department is safe – but dull. When black patches began appearing around the city that occupy space for crucial sunlight, alarm sets fire throughout the nation.


In a stroke of fate, a boy with ghost-like white hair named Carrow appears, and the department tasks Roth with his care and protection. This boy is one of the last of a long-lost people known as the “Children of Light,” who don’t need solar discs to absorb sunlight and have faded into all but legend


When Roth discovers Carrow can make the black spots disappear, news spreads in a frenzy, to the surprise of the city’s top astronomers who are supposed to be the authority on the case. Dissension brews among them as Carrow’s identity and subsequent popularity skyrockets as the world’s savior.


But soon the black spots are growing faster than ever, nearly everyone is criticizing Roth, and pressure is mounting from all sides. Will Roth and Carrow be able to restore balance, or could this mean the end of everything they know?