Canaan Within




Canaan Within


Author: Robin Pond

Release Date: March 2024



Canaan Within is a speculative psychological science fiction story detailing the quest of one individual, Timothy Ludden, fighting to find his rightful place in a series of competing worlds and situations. Tim journeys to different versions of the world to correct changes to humanity and the world around them, which might threaten his own existing reality.


Tim is transported to an institute where he participates in a series of experiments conducted by Dr. Moran and his assistant. Tim and his study groupmates in this study reappear in different roles in many of the subsequent worlds. The nature of perception and memory are in question as Tim seeks out a better reality, pushing back against the series of menacing developments taking place across the different worlds.


While traveling through alternate realities Tim must also struggle to achieve self-improvement and to find his way back to a world where he really belongs.