Chilling Tales: Anthology of Gothic Horror Stories




Chilling Tales: Anthology of Gothic Horror Stories



Author: Amanda Thompson

Release Date: December 2021



This anthology of horror stories introduces a fantastic host of gothic and dark tales of the human psyche from author Amanda Thompson. The collection includes ghostly phantoms and strange creatures from the neverworld, castles hiding a secret and inexplicable mysteries. The stories that happen in the isolated shadows and on troublesome journeys far from home are the most chilling and intriguing. If you love the Twilight Zone and Lovecraftian tales, then you will immensely appreciate this collection.




Brad Center author of The Unspeakable Heart of the Mangroves.

This is a marvelous collection of stories by Amanda Thompson. Aptly named, the stories are chilling and well-written. A nice mix of short gripping tales, combined with longer more engaging stories that give the author a chance to develop both characters and scene in more detail. I greatly enjoyed it, and will be back for more.