Dead Sea





Dead Sea



Author: Amanda Thompson

Release Date: March 2022



Dead Sea is an exciting paranormal thriller from author Amanda Thompson.


An ancient evil force, long vanished, is about to return to our world. The malevolent supernatural presence encased for centuries beneath the Dead Sea is unwittingly released to haunt mankind once again. A primeval demon is stalking at night. Jake, a man with a secret, and Genevieve, a marine biologist, must uncover the truth behind the mystery despite the dangers hiding within every shadow. Eli is the only one to understand the truth about what awaits them, and must decide who else can be entrusted.


Their encounter is only the beginning as they come closer to the terrifying truth. They must struggle not just for their own survival but that of all humanity.





Ronnie Godliman

Anyone who has read even one of Amanda’s impressive list of novels, will already know, what a complete author she is. From the researched technical accuracy through to the depth of her characters, every book ensnares its readers and it is hard, not to imagine, actually being there. The Dead Sea is possible the pinnacle of achievement so far, without any shadow of a doubt this will become a bestseller. Five stars does not come close to reviewing it. Descriptively excellent and detailed, sophisticated, enjoyable amusement.