Six Tips for Finding Inner Creativity



a) Prepare to write down, on post-it notes if necessary, any new ideas or inspirations that appear to you.


b) Turn up at local places in the town or city that you reside in, anywhere people meet and frequent, and spend time listening to people talk in conversation.


c) The opening should be either dramatic or a strong personal story that will resonate with audiences. If the opener is enthralling and promises intriguing future developments this will encourage people to read further.


d) Once at the writing stage remember to places an emphasis on developing original metaphors and similes. The language should be innovative and imbue the material text with a style that we have not seen a million times before.


e) Experiment with form, genre and style while writing. Attempt a foray into a new thematic style or experiment with writing in the first person, anything as long as you don’t remain in your comfort zone.


f) Place yourself in the circumstances of your characters, what would you do in this situation? What lived experiences does this scene relate to in your personal life. Is there an experience that could become the basis for the progression of the characterisation?