Elysian Dream




Elysian Dream



Author: Sarah Burchett-Cook

Release Date: January 2023



Elysian Dream is a paranormal fantasy novel from author Sarah Burchett-Cook.


Kim is a kelpie agent from the realm of Elysia tasked to locate a Human-Fae hybrid with enough latent Fae magic to restore the kelpies to their natural form. Her current project, Benji, may be the unsuspecting donor she’s been looking for.


Hapless Edinburgh University student, Benji, has no idea why he keeps having weird dreams. He discovers there is more to Kim and that his psychology teacher is a wizard incognito. The mystical beings have their own agenda including the Dark Fae.


Kim and Benji undertake a perilous journey to Elysia, pursued by dangerous beings out of myth. War is coming to the realm of Elysia and they are both caught in the middle of it.