Empty Shell





Empty Shell



Author: Sara Drake

Release Date: December 2022



Empty Shell is a new fantasy novel from Sara Drake.


Imagine you found a way to escape from your life for a short time. A time when things were just too much to bear anymore.


Gemma Harver, suffers a terrible tragedy and as a result she loses the will to live. But through her mystical grandma, she discovers you can for swap lives with a Kachina. While you recuperate in their realm, they with all of your memories are able to pretend to be you.


Gemma, agrees and not only discovers that it’s all real. But that you can get another chance…a chance of being happy again. She meets a Kachina, called Relik and he becomes her guide in the place he calls Sanctuary.


But as with any risk, things always seems to come with a price. The question is? Would you be willing to chance everything to recover and live life to the full again?