Glitch: Redemption




Glitch: Redemption



Author: Roy Jones

Release Date: March 2023



Glitch: Redemption is a paranormal crime thriller from author Roy Jones.


glitch: noun a mishap, error, temporary malfunction, or fault of equipment.


Glitch: me Mercenary, Vigilante, Killer, Saviour, Destroyer, Hero, Villain, Enhanced, Broken, Assassin, Protector, and, also definitely, possibly, certainly, probably insane.


Who in their right mind would undertake a job, with little or no pay, to take on a notorious drug gang, risking being hunted down by enemies from their past, dodging the law, breaking the law, being completely unethical and with little chance of any real success, only a complete idiot would, right? Fortunately, everyone agrees that Glitch Govil is never in any sort of right mind, and that he is just the right sort of idiot to take it on.


An enforced and unwanted procedure enhanced his abilities far beyond what any human is capable of. Including his annoying ability to drop film quotes and obscure facts into conversation, but will even these be enough for Glitch Govil to succeed, or even to survive.