Hastings Street: Boulevard of Blues




Hastings Street: Boulevard of Blues



Author: Theo Czuk

Release Date: December 2023



The ’20s are roaring. Jazz is igniting the speakeasies. Prohibition is spawning gangs and the industrial revolution is aflame with union wars! America is caught between the forces of progression and digression. And the neighborhood of The Black Bottom was ground zero for Detroit’s contribution to this mêlée.


It all comes to an apex as our hero, Kaleb Kierka, digs himself out of the amnesia of a violent beating. And the more he digs, the more he uncovers his personal unsavory history. A history rife with violence and liquor and heroin and jazz. Owner of a speakeasy. Colleagues of the Purple Gang. A jazz amming ivory thumper. A two-gun misfit with a heart of gold. All lost to the amnesia.


Time is short for Kaleb’s recovery as our piano jockey negotiates the seedier juice joints of 1927 Detroit, searching for identity while being the target of lawmen and gang wars and union wars and a heroin addicted best gal.