Hello, Love




Hello, Love


Author: Samantha Long

Release Date: April 2024



Hello, Love is a romantic paranormal thriller from Samantha Long…filled with love triangles, jilted lovers, suspense, murder, and delicious encounters with the paranormal universe.


Victoria Staley’s parents are renovating again. Every time they promise it will be the last, they take on another project moving Tori from one side of the country to another. She starts to loosen up and settle in … until mysterious and strange phenomena begin to stir. Nightmares and ghostly music haunt her. Leaky writing steams on bathroom mirrors, and — she is even plagued by waking visions and attempts that could very well end her life.


Convincing herself it is stress and past traumas, she is shocked to discover the estate has a traumatic past of its own … a past centered around lies and murder.. Tori and the new, very easy on the eyes, stable boy, Harlan, are thrown together in a connection of past and present as they struggle in a race against time, trying to find some way to break the curse woven over their souls exactly one hundred years ago. If they succeed they can right so many past wrongs, but if they fail …