Author: Mord McGhee

Release Date: November 2023



IRONBLOOD is a historical saga exploring the raw and complicated story of America’s industrial legacy, which gives voice to humanity’s worst fears yet displays our greatest hopes. A story told through the eyes of characters from various cultures and countries after the American Civil War, pitted against one another amidst the rise of steelmaking empires.


Pearl, a recently freed slaves formerly living on the run. Earl, who falls in love with her at first sight. Hans, a recent immigrant from Germany, with a murderous gang on his tail. When their mutual friend dies in the Battle of Gettysburg, Earl and Hans become owners of an ironworks in Homestead, Pennsylvania.


Floods. Strikes. Massacres. Social upheaval, IRONBLOOD shows the experiences of America’s industrial history and the struggles between labor and management. Superstitions and dark secrets create a backdrop of industrial smoke and flame boiling over. At times hopeful, at times tumultuous, this is a tragic and wondrous voyage of self-sacrifice, betrayal, and unbreakable love.