Lords of Babylon




Lords of Babylon



Author: Debra Hoffmann Knowles

Release Date: September 2023



Lords of Babylon is an epic mystery adventure in the ancient world of Babylon from Debra Hoffmann Knowles.


Melcazar, the High Priest of Marduk, is believed to be an incarnation of Babylon’s patron God. He is the Guardian of Babylon, but holds a secret not all know and it could well cost him all. When his life is threatened, he must appeal to Mehen Pet Tha, a fearsome agent of Justice.


Mehen finds himself in Babylon and drawn to the city’s wonders, seduced by her magic. He falls under the spell of Babylon but soon realizes that she has secrets of her own. He discovers that danger surrounds him at every turn. Mehen and Melcazar to either end as enemies or unite to take the city and make it theirs.