Moon-Touched: Dark Moon Rising




Moon-Touched: Dark Moon Rising


Author: Don D’Arkko

Release Date: June 2024



Moon-Touched: Dark Moon Rising is a science fiction dystopian thriller from author Don D’Arkko.


Dylan strives for a peaceful life after leaving Project Alpharius. He is now living under the radar with his fellow teammates, trying to avoid detection by their creators– the World Order. But their peace is shattered when Dylan’s best friend Alexa is abducted, and discovers that the World Order has found them. A dangerous game of cat-and-mouse ensues as Dylan and his team try to rescue her from the World Order’s grasp; and as the conflict rises.


Dylan and his team are forced to confront their violent past and come to terms with their inner demons. They must rely on their unique abilities to survive and protect each other. The twists and turns will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they discover the true motivations behind the World Order’s actions– and the reason why Dylan and his team are so pivotal to their success. Moon-Touched: Dark Moon Rising is a tale of survival, love, and redemption.