Octo Sapiens




Octo Sapiens



Author: John Andrew Karr

Release Date: December 2023



This is a speculative paranormal mystery from author John Andrew Karr.


Paranormal investigator Lars Kelsen is recruited again by a murder victim’s ghost and discovers a town of hybrid beings–half human and half octopus–as well as a new murder weapon in the form of a gargantuan octopus.


Octo Sapiens are hybrid beings living in only a few coastal towns of the American seaboard. Though half-human and half-octopus, they are not monsters. The massive guardian summoned from the lost city of Atlantis by one of them, however is,– and paranormal investigator Lars Kelsen soon finds himself embroiled in the secret lives of these beings in the town of Saskin Bay. Lars Kelsen is driven by the victim’s ghost to find justice in a town torn by two feuding families.