Orphans of the Kruger Park






Orphans of the Kruger Park



Author: Annatjie Moll

Release Date: January 2022



In this beautiful book, Annatjie Moll describes her experience of running a wildlife rescue center for orphaned animals in Kruger Park, South Africa. The sanctuary offered refuge to many of South Africa’s most renowned species from baby Rhinoceros to Cheetahs. Annatjie with her friends and family found themselves caring for lost baby animals who turned up on their doorstep. Many of the animals ended up living with them and leaving a lasting impression, fortunately the majority were rehabilitated after receiving a great deal of care and in time returned successfully to the wild.

A heart warming and evocative account of the wildlife in South Africa, the trials and tribulations that are experienced, and the people who care for them. This book is a timely reminder of the importance of the natural world and how we are indelibly linked to the planet’s many different species and habitats.




Priscilla Roets

Finished reading the book. A very educational book with lots of knowledge for animal lovers.Easy recipes to follow anyone can save an animal this way