Passions Uncovered: Los Jefes Del Mundo




Passions Uncovered: Los Jefes Del Mundo



Author: Carmalisa Ford

Release Date: December 2023



Passions Uncovered: Los Jefes Del Mundo is a romance mystery from author Carmalisa Ford.


This book continues the story of The Love He’s Always Wanted first. Vince has a serious obsession with Bianca’s best friend. The more he hangs out with Destiny, the more his feelings for her come to a head. Plus, he learns Destiny is keeping a secret from Bianca. One that will shock his best friend. What is it that secret, you ask? Will Vince ever see happiness? Life has a way of changing us when we least expect it.


In the previous story, Bianca was told her father had murdered her mother. And everyone must come together to find out what it’s going on here. Will Vince and Destiny try for a relationship between themselves? Will Bianca finally say yes to Angel’s proposal?


Is Bianca’s mother still alive, or did her father lie again?


Will Bianca still be the feisty, fun-loving, independent woman from before, or will Angel tame her?