Author: Anna King

Release Date: March 2024



Peace-Weaver is a story of myth and legend from within the world of Beowulf from author Anna King. In this alternative retelling of the classic legend, Hrut’s epic journey will balance the fate of kingdoms.


Hrut, known to later generations as Freawaru, is the only daughter of Danish king Hrothgar. Her story begins shortly before the arrival of Northman named Beowulf, who seeks to bring an end to the attacks from the demon Grendel. When Hrut falls in love and resists her coming marriage designed to end generations of feuding, her father reveals a secret that changes her life. Her oldest brother, presumed dead, was stolen at birth by the Heothobards. The price for his exchange is Hrut’s marriage and an heir.


Before she leaves the shores of her native land, she conceives a child by force from the nomadic, ageless warrior Starkad, who is intent upon the destruction of the Danish kingdom. Later, she must mine the deepest realms of her courage to enter the halls of her enemies and protect a child the kingdom does not want.