Proxima Dawn

Author: Rick Adtell

Publication Date: June 2021

Page Number: 324



Humanity first made contact with the alien civilisation the Ilandans ten years earlier. As astronauts ventured to Proxima Centauri for the first time – they made themselves known. On the edge of inhabited space, the colony planet of Proxima B is Earth’s nearest outpost to the aliens. Dr Martell is the leading expert on the Ilandans and has lived on their ship for several months. However, Scott Drazern the commander of Proxima base harbors doubts about the intentions of the aliens.


A disaster at Proxima base leaves the human inhabitants stranded with no means or communicating with Earth. Suddenly the homeworld seams very far away. The danger is more immediate than any of them realise. Commander Drazern realises the disaster was sabotage and somebody has a vested interest in the settlement failing.


Dr Martell insists on approaching the Ilandans to assist the stranded colony. While other fear inviting an even more devastating disaster. The mystery slowly discloses more clues about their adversaries, and it becomes apparent that Proxima base has enemies form within and without. With Earth contact cut off and the administration on Earth unaware of the predicament, it will be up to the inhabitants of Proxima base to save them all.