Proxima Rising




Proxima Rising


Author: Christopher Vasey

Release Date: January 2024



Proxima Rising is a science fiction novel from author Christopher Vasey.


The first human venture outside of the solar system was to Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to Earth, with the intention to establish a permanent settlement on the planet. Four years later on the edge of inhabited space the planet of Proxima B remains Earth’s most distant outpost. Humanity first contacted an alien civilisation when they reached Proxima Centauri. Many on the station have profound doubts about the alien’s true intentions.


Mission Director Michael Dalzern’s purpose is to preside over the terraforming and planetary engineering as they endeavour to turn the planet into a world that is habitable for humans. The human residents desire to create a sustainable home presents significant psychological and emotional challenges that they will need to come to terms with if long term habitation becomes permanent.


A disaster at Proxima leaves the human inhabitants in a precarious situation. Suddenly the homeworld of Earth seems very far away. The residents determine that somebody has a vested interest in their mission failing. The investigation to discover the cause and identify whoever is responsible takes them to the planet surface and throughout the solar system.