Pursuing Necromancers




Pursuing Necromancers



Author: Rich Feitelberg

Release Date: September 2023



This is a fantasy adventure from author Rich Feitelberg.


The land of Thalacia is threatened by sorcery and the presence of powerful forces. Necromancers attempt to wreak havoc in Thalacia by stealing a magic gem and have other nefarious schemes in mind. The necromancer is planning to use the gem in a powerful magic device. Evan Pierce, a demon hunter and protector of the realm, must discover the truth behind the mysterious plots.


In this sword and sorcery tale, the uneasy balance and fraught alliances that reign within Thalacia and their neighbouring lands are jeopardized. For Evan Pierce, the events remain shrouded in mystery and he must confront a difficult path. The prophecies state that those seeking the gems will surely meet their downfall.