Sacrifice It All




Sacrifice It All



Author: Billy Lyons

Release Date: May 2022



Sacrifice It All is a thrilling new novel from author Billy Lyons.


What would you give to have each of your deepest, most private wishes fulfilled? The lives of your best friends? Your beloved dog? Even that of your wife?


These are the questions failed writer Harry Dunlop must answer, beginning on the morning he receives a mysterious email from someone known only as The Illuminati Masters. Intrigued, he opens the email, titled Sacrifice It All? The message is simple: The Illuminati Masters will grant you the fame and fortune that has escaped you for so long, but there is a price to pay, and that price is everything. Are you willing to SACRIFICE IT ALL?


Before he can even begin to consider the implications of such an invitation, the sky darkens around him, and he is swept up in a series of visions, each one portraying a precious wish come true.Harry continues his desperate trek northward.


Filled with danger, betrayal, and murder at almost every turn, it is a trip that not everyone will survive, and Harry learns that not all rewards are worth the sacrifices required to achieve them.