Author: Sam Sommer

Release Date: October 2023



Abigale Skylark opens the door to her apartment only to find that her partner of two years has left her and made off with all her possessions. In the ensuing twenty-four hours she will lose her job and receive a letter from her father explaining that he’s taken his own life. As her world collapses around her like the proverbial house of cards, Abby comes to the bitter realization that it’s high time to reassess her life, and the choices she’s made along the way.


Skylark is a novel of discovery, of true friendship, and the search for a meaningful and worthy love. Along the way she will meet three people who challenge her, and help redefine those preconceived ideas of life and love she’s been holding onto.


Although her path to romantic happiness will be a bumpy and circuitous one, it ultimately tests her true character. With the help of her three new friends Abby will discover that life is not so much about the destination, as it is the journey.