The God Bubble




The God Bubble



Author: Cy Tomaz

Release Date: February 2023



After a series of recurring dreams, troubled teenager Sebastian Ford wakes to find that his life has changed forever. Consumed by an inner rage, and believing himself to be a God, he sets out on a path of destruction, determined to wreak revenge upon all who have ever caused him harm.


But one man is determined to stand in his way, an old man called Albert who appears to possess powers not unlike his own. Who is this mysterious stranger and how does he seem to know so much about the angry youth?


As the clues begin to unravel and Sebastian begins to unlock the truth, he quickly realises that Albert is not the only enemy out to get him. In an epic showdown, he will be forced to lock horns with the Dark Star programme, a covert U.S military operation that has been watching him from the shadows, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.