The Great American Coward




The Great American Coward



Author: Jay Bechtol

Release Date: October 2021



The Great American Coward is a reality bending science fiction mystery from author Jay Bechtol.


A coffee shop in the middle of the city disappears overnight. And Myron Flynn, as far as he can tell, is the only one who notices. Unless, he worries, this is the way it’s always been. Myron is a loner, uncomfortable with relationships, fearful of others, and avoidant of confrontation. When he learns that the coffee shop is only the tip of the iceberg, and that more buildings, and potentially thousands of people are doomed to disappear, he is trapped between shifting realities and his own cowardice.


With the unexpected help of a feisty receptionist, Myron endeavors to find the courage to stop the two strange men bent on destroying his city, overcome his internal uncertainties, and, perhaps most frightening of all, develop a close relationship with another person.


The rules from the world he knew no longer apply, so Myron must depend on his own memories and the help of another to resolve the truth behind his own reality.