The Half Paper Moon




The Half Paper Moon



Author: Melissa Ingoldsby

Release Date: November 2023


The Half Paper Moon is a crime drama that touches on themes that are dark, painfully sketched and yet very relatable and real. Connie Alvarez, a young college woman is still reeling from discovering that her beloved girlfriend Barbara is missing and presumed dead. Connie becomes involved in the high profile first degree murder case and as the trial commences other strange things come to light. She is also trying to piece together the timeline with the help of their mutual circus friends, and understand the scattered and broken pieces of her past.


The series of strange and odd occurrences that had happened prior to Barbara’s disappearance force her to confront the truth about her own life. Connie and the others affected by the high profile case are forced to acknowledge their own feelings of guilt, redemption and loss. This is a story about fallible human nature, the need to stand out from the crowd and how are lives are touched by the people that surround us.