The Mysterious Mr. Banes




The Mysterious Mr. Banes



Author: Mae Stroshane

Release Date: June 2023



The Mysterious Mr. Banes is a novel from author Mae Stroshane.


Is he or isn’t he? A strange man appears as if from nowhere, claiming to be Ludwig van Beethoven returned from the dead. After Stefanie Sontag, a nurse and single mother, rescues the man from drowning in a local pond, he tells her he is bringing new music to remind the world that if humanity is to survive, all war must cease.


Stefanie refuses to believe him, but is perplexed that he knows her name as well as her father’s. And Mai, her daughter, has dreamed that he composed a piece just for her. He also knows the tragic reason why her mother, a Hong-Kong-born opera singer, had been denied the role of “Leonore,” the heroine of Beethoven’s only opera, “Fidelio.


The stranger begs Stefanie to shelter him while he composes his new music. She refuses until she recalls her Chinese grandmother’s tales about immortals disguised as beggars who richly reward those who help them. If anyone qualifies as an immortal, it’s Beethoven!


She takes him in, renames him “Louis Banes” to keep him out of trouble, and finds herself drawn into the adventure of a lifetime.