The Reticulan Choice




The Reticulan Choice



Author: V. Hardy Doolittle

Release Date: October 2023



THE RETICULAN CHOICE  is a science fiction mystery thriller from author V. Hardy Doolittle.


In 2077, Colonel David Baker was a prisoner of war on an alien planet. Fifteen years later, he is anticipating and dreading heading back into deep space. A decade and a half of nightmares, panic attacks, and heavy drinking has not improved his memory of the time in captivity.


David Baker lands in the middle of an escalating conflict between the alien Reticulan civilization and a political conspiracy involving Earth. A mysterious doctor seems involved, and he cannot figure out where she fits into the mishaps that surround his mission. And who are the Grays who show up at the most opportune times?


THE RETICULAN CHOICE is a story of absolute power and corruption, where two damaged souls must come together to save their lives, their orbital station, and Earth.