The Rules of Love

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Author: Darla Gregory

Publication Date: June 2021

Page Number: 316



From author Darla Gregory, the warm hearted and enthralling tale is an exploration of the love lives of four thirty something women who set themselves the challenge of finding the perfect man. They decide that as female goddesses they deserve Mr. Right and establish some ground rules for discovering the men of their dreams.


Janine has longed for passionate romance and love for a long time. Jilted on her wedding day three years earlier, she has been traumatised about new relationships ever since. Lucy has her own emotional baggage to work through – plus two children and an annoying ex-husband that take up most of her time. Carmen is a business executive and very successful, she is planning on beginning to manage her love life in the same way. Why not, it works in her business career? Mikayla is the sweetheart of the group with a soft spot for artists and poets, spending her time slumming around studios and off-Broadway theaters. They agree to abide by the rules of stopping at nothing to find the perfect man.


Can happiness be found by placing the remainder of their lives on hold and staying loyal to their pact?