The Shards





The Shards



Author: Amanda Thompson

Release Date: May 2022



The Shards is a new novel from author Amanda Thompson.


Anthony, a well-known author, and his wife Angela are caught up in a failing marriage. One night, a blue light begins shimmering in the back wall of the basement of their new house, revealing a door that has never been there before. Anthony, intrigued, decides to step through it, and into the Shards.


Here nothing is as it seems to be. A strange world with beings that can pass through. Anthony finds himself soon fighting for his life while trying to complete several quests successfully. At home he finds the image of a beautiful young woman in his bathroom mirror. She calls out to him, luring him back into the Shards.


What dark secrets is she hiding? Anthony in unsure of how much he needs to change to fit into the Shards. She is determined to return to the real world, after she was thrown into a well for being declared a witch. Will Anthony be able to bring her back into his own world? Will Aurora be able to get everything that she wants, or will the Shards demand payment from her in the end?