The Truth and the Sword




The Truth and the Sword


Author:  Allen Radinski

Publication Date: May 2021

Page Number: 293



Sergeant Maguire is a police officer working on the case of his life, but he is under investigation for corruption himself. His Lieutenant and most of the force hate him.  After a body is discovered, Maguire and his partner Amy Gutierrez uncover clues that lead to drug trafficking and organised crime. Maguire and Gutierrez know they are stuck with a case that nobody else wanted. The investigation is complicated by the sudden disappearance of many of their witnesses. The corruption indictment is looming over Maguire, who is on borrowed time. He has to demonstrate his innocence and clear his name. Maguire and Gutierrez rapidly become targets themselves as their adversaries gain an awareness of the investigation. The streets are suddenly an even more dangerous place to be. They must embark on a race against time to bring the killers to justice, before they are taken out themselves.