The Unspeakable Heart of the Mangroves





The Unspeakable Heart of the Mangroves



Author: Brad Center

Release Date: December 2021



A malevolent entity inhabits the New Orleans bayou. It lies waiting… seeking the just the right vessel to carry out its dark purpose. Here characters both tragic and heroic become ensnared in a macabre conflict between a demonic evil force, and protective voodoo spirits trying to shield the innocent from the evil whose hunger for chaos is insatiable. All the while, Karen Estan, a police detective in New Orleans, must tie the threads from a series of murders that took place over seventy years ago to a new horror roaming the streets of New Orleans today. She will face the ultimate evil as she tries to solve the murders, stay alive, and destroy the vile entity stalking her city.




Amanda Thompson author of Dead Sea

Wow! I am blown away by this book! The author manages to take you right into the heart of evil. This book is intense, descriptive and riveting from page one. I could not manage to put it down. This author can be rated on par with Stephen King and I cannot wait for his following novel to be released! Well done!


Kirkus Review

A detective novel set in New Orleans oozes mystery, Voodoo, and evil.  Center transports readers to the murky, humid bayous of New Orleans in the mid-20th century.  The great strength of Center’s action-packed thriller is its vivid depiction of New Orleans, which has a beating heart just like the other characters.  An intriguing thriller with plenty of action.