The Novelty of Being

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The Novelty of Being


Author: Diane Sandra Myers

Publication Date: May 2021

Page Number: 283



Adam Masterson is a highly respected doctor who has just relocated to Mallory Parks and taken up a position at the local hospital. The small town is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the urban centers that he is familiar with. A local resident, Charlene, is on the verge of stealing his heart already. Finding himself at the epicentre of town life, he’s barely had time to unpack. However, this town is hiding a secret that is unknown to any outsiders.


An unexplained murder draws him inadvertently on the trail of a series of unsolved crimes.  While attempting to confirm the identity of the victim, he discovers there are other outstanding missing person cases.


Masterson has a difficult time uncovering any answers as every piece of evidence leads to a dead end and the residents are apparently unable or unwilling to aid him. As his investigation starts to delve into the secret world, it becomes clear that dangers lurk in hidden places and not everybody is who they appear to be.