Veil of Shaerlann




Veil of Shaerlann


Author: Joseph Moore

Release Date: May 2024



The Veil of Shaerlann is a fantasy novel set in the realm of Askore, a magical and dangerous world. The story follows a group of heroes brought together by the threads of fate to undergo a treacherous journey, the outcome of which could determine the fate of the world.


The Veil of Shaerlann is the magical enchantment that protects a gate that has trapped the evil races into the abandoned city of Mirodan. Unnoticed by the rest of the world, the Veil is broken and the gate has been opened, with orc and goblin hordes now unleashed onto the world.


Arrio Tavar is an elven ranger, burdened by his past, thrust into a quest when his village of Tythan Home is attacked by goblins. He is joined by Willow Elenviir, an elven fighter, and Rorimac Tosscobble, a halfling with a knack for adventure. The three embark on a mission to discover the source of the goblin power.