What I Am To You




What I Am To You



Author: Nick Hupton

Release Date: August 2023



Stevie Ray Felton lives the life most seventeen-year-olds could only dream of- touring the country on the heels of rock stars. But these rock stars just happen to be his parents. After Stevie and his family embark on what may be his parents’ final tour due to his father’s cancer diagnosis, he struggles, not only with his own grief and self-confidence, but also, a newly revealed family secret that will force him to uncover his independence and his true connection to his parents.


“Figuring out how to navigate the world when everything you thought you knew is a lie? This compelling novel gives a glimpse into the world of musical fame while trying to navigate the struggles of friendship, family, first love and loss.” Mary Closner; Columnist- Northfield News


“A moving take on a coming-of-age story that questions who we call family and who we let write the soundtrack to our lives.” Carolyn Boehlke Youngbauer; author of Literaria