A Guide to the Publishing Process


Before submitting a manuscript to publishing companies, it’s important to remember it may take two or three months before they respond. Publishers and editors are very busy with the volumes they typically receive and waiting times may in some cases be even longer. Here are some guidelines and tips on the publishing process. First of all, before submitting any documents you should research the publishing industry and gain an understanding of how it works. Perhaps, look up other published books similar to your manuscript or book proposal and how that took shape.


Each publisher has their own range of preferences, genre speciality and select interests. In reviewing manuscripts for publication, most editors are concentrating on the marketability and revenue potential. The manuscript needs to persuade editors that sufficient consumer interest will develop for books to rapidly move of the shelves. In the reviewing submissions process editors, of course, assess the text on the basis of literary styling, writing standard and how well ideas are communicated. Ensuring a wide enough distribution is the primary concern, and this should be anticipated by writers planning on submitting their work.


In deciding on acquisition, editors and publishers assess the manuscripts against a selection criterion. Competition can be pretty tough, and it’s essential to stand out in the marketplace, while offering a compelling and unique point of view. Look up other similar published books and examine how they were pitched, which genre they were bracketed in and how they were marketed. This will give you a good idea of how to develop an effective approach to publishers and a commercially successful marketing strategy.