The Rose of Petra






The Rose of Petra


Author: Amanda Thompson

Publication Date: July 2021



A story of myth and magic in ancient Egypt, Petra and Ethiopia.


In the time of the Pharaohs, Zander leaves Egypt and travels to the city of ancient Petra in Jordan. Here, the young man hopes to be trained by the mage Cassena. He is stubborn, attractive, and full of dreams about the future. The City of Petra is an ancient stronghold, with mysticism and dark secrets lurking in its mist. Cassena agrees to teach him the powerful magic of the mage.


Suresh is a young Nabataea noble woman. She is dreaming of the day that the right man comes. She and Zander begin a romance that is shrouded in danger. The unscrupulous King of Petra notices Suresh at a banquet. He falls in love with her and plans to make her the Queen. Zander is forced to join the King in a war on Petra by the Macedonians and their world is threatened with destruction.


Zander and Suresh travel to the distant land of Ethiopia, where powerful mages await them. Shadows and darkness are sweeping across the plains. The journey ahead is unclear but will destiny be fulfilled.




Brian Dawes


Rose of Petra, is a fast paced romance-adventure back though a time in ancient Petra. It’s a great escape full of intrigue, love and danger an exhilarating toxic mix that pulls the readers imagination and desire to keep turning the page. A must read, with a beautiful expression of and highly imaginative descriptions. Highly recommended, five stars.


Richard Feitelberg


The Rose of Petra by Amanda Thompson was a welcome read. The book is a mix of historical fantasy, which is to say the characters are set in the ancient days of Ptolemy. A sense of the period and place is given by good descriptions that paint a nice background. The main characters, Zander and Suresh, are star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet who just can’t manage to catch a break. Zander wants to be a mage and that certainly got my interest and later has magical battles, which was great to read. Suresh is strong, and once in love, attached to her man. The story moves quickly, it’s an enjoyable read and worth your time. So give it a try if you like fantasy or romance or even a good action/ adventure story.


Carmalisa Ford


Reading The Rose of Petra has touched me. Zander is really loving and honorable when it comes to the people he cares about and is wise for someone his age. This novel is very exciting and I was hooked on the fantasy and romance of the book.