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Glitch: Redemption

      Glitch: Redemption     Author: Roy Jones Release Date: March 2023 Description:   Glitch: Redemption is a paranormal crime thriller from author Roy Jones.   glitch: noun a mishap, error, temporary malfunction, or fault of equipment.   Glitch: me Mercenary, Vigilante, Killer, Saviour, Destroyer, Hero, Villain, Enhanced, Broken, Assassin, Protector, and, also...


Through the Hazel Tree

      Through the Hazel Tree     Author: Anna Kirkup Release Date: March 2023 Description:   Through the Hazel Tree is a paranormal mystery and drama from author Anna Kirkup.   Elara Anderson has just moved to Scotland for a fresh start with her family. She is settling into college, making new friends....


The God Bubble

      The God Bubble     Author: Cy Tomaz Release Date: February 2023 Description:   After a series of recurring dreams, troubled teenager Sebastian Ford wakes to find that his life has changed forever. Consumed by an inner rage, and believing himself to be a God, he sets out on a path of...

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